Draft Day Patience

Every year I have trouble getting into the NFL draft.  I consider myself one of the biggest Titans fans around, but I just can’t do all the mock drafts and buy into the hype as much as my fellow fans.  I understand the appeal of the Madden-like simulation of mock drafts and using it as a way to invest yourself more into the draft process, but I’ve seen too many “sure thing” picks go wrong, and duds become stars just a couple of years later.

Especially in our society of instant gratification, it’s become more and more difficult for people to embrace the unknown of the NFL draft.  We want to know right now if the guy we like is going to be good or not.  Unfortunately, we just don’t.

The draft is far from a crapshoot. Teams do tons of research on guys and high-round picks have a better chance of being successful than low-round picks. Ultimately though, with all the control NFL teams have in drafting the player they want and forcing them into a medium-term contract, they lack control in the most important variable of the process: the player they’re picking.

The Titans saw this first-hand last year when they drafted Isaiah Wilson in the first round.  He had the size and speed and the build of a starting NFL offensive lineman.  The Titans controlled what they could control in that particular situation, but what they couldn’t control ultimately led to the pick’s demise.  The player himself can either rise to the occasion of becoming a serviceable NFL player, or they can let other circumstances affect them.  And there’s just no way of knowing how that will go.

Ultimately this is the biggest turn-off for me in regards to the draft.  There’s just too much we don’t know about these players coming out of college.

So, with last night’s first-round pick and the picks to follow this weekend.  I urge Titans fans to be patient.  We don’t know how these picks will turn out.  We don’t know who will be the stars and who will be the duds of this draft.  Right now is just projection.  Let’s wait until we see them to decide if we like them or not.

Titan Up.

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