About TTF

Welcome to Two Tone Fanatics! A bit about me.

My name is Trey and I’m the founder of Two Tone Fanatics.  I started the website in 2016 after a few stints with some larger Titans blog sites.  I was tired of churning out mundane articles for clicks,  meeting deadlines, and working my tail off for “the man” for little to no pay in return.  I wanted to write what I wanted to write and when I wanted to write it.  I wanted to build a new brand.  It’s been a blast so far!

My goal with TTF is to bring honest and unique content to the site and social media.  What you find here should be original and entertaining.  I love interacting with Titans fans from everywhere, so make sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook (links at the top of this page) and just enjoy the content!  If you have any questions or inquiries, or are interested in writing for TTF, shoot me a DM or fill out a contact form from the menu and I’ll get back ASAP.  Questions go directly to my email.

Thanks y’all and GO TITANS!

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