Kansas City

What’s up Titans Fam?! I’m Trey, the creator of Two Tone Fanatics.  If you’ve been around the Titans internet scene for a while, you might recognize the name.  Thanks for reading!

Two Tone Fanatics is currently a one-man show.  I started the Twitter page back in 2016 (not a losing season since!) and have messed around with different formats since then.  I’m excited to get the blog up and running!

I’ve been a Titans fan since the name change in 1999.  I jumped on the bandwagon when I was nine years old and have allowed them to affect my Sunday afternoon mood ever since.

Here at Two Tone Fanatics you’ll find all sorts of content.  Analysis, predictions, memes, videos, pictures, T-Shirts, and anything else I can think of.  I love the freedom of running my own thing.  I’ve been around the Titans blog scene for about a decade, but got tired of the monotony of from some of the blog sites I worked for. So I started my own thing where I can do whatever I want!

 I hope you enjoy the content! Follow me on the social below.  I’m very active!