What are the Biggest Holes in the Titans Roster?

The offseason is in full swing.  The first wave of free agency is over and the trickle begins.  Over the next few weeks the Titans will undoubtedly sign a few free agents that will help the team, but won’t have the big name buzz that’s surrounding the NFL now.  After that comes the draft.  I don’t pretend to know who will be good in two-tone blue, because there are too many variables to each players game to understand how they’ll translate.  What I do know is that the Titans have needs (not as many as years past), and here are the biggest ones:

1. Pass Rusher

Whether it’s Suh in the next few days, Hankins who was just released by the Colts, or and outside rusher in the draft, the Titans need to get to the quarterback better.  They have two solid outside linebackers, but they’re only getting older, and some of their young players like Kevin Dodd haven’t stepped up like they had hoped.  They need to go a couple of linebackers and some interior linemen to wreak some havoc on opposing quarterbacks.

2. Backup Quarterback

I love Marcus Mariota as much as anyone, but if he’s proven anything over the past three years, it’s that he’ll miss some time throughout the season.  Matt Cassel showed that he’s too old to step in effectively.  They need a solid backup.  The options are dwindling in the free agent market, so this may have to come through the draft.  It’s not an ideal situation to count on a rookie to step in if Marcus goes out a for a few games.

3. Wide Reciever (Still)

Hopefully Cory Davis and Taywan Taylor make a nice second-year jump and we don’t have to talk about this anymore, but from what we saw last season, there is no reason to believe this team has a good group of receivers.  Unfortunately, this is a problem that the Titans have had for years, and I don’t know that it’s going away anytime soon.  I was hoping they’d be a bit more active in free agency, but watch for a receiver in the draft.

4. Interior Offensive Line

Just when we thought the Titans might have their offensive line set for years to come, they took a step back last season.  Their tackles are set for a while with Conklin and Lewan, but Spain, Kline, and Ben Jones either have to be better or they need to be replaced.  A little healthy competition is needed either way.

5. Safety

The Titans are set at cornerback after signing Malcum Butler in free agency, but the safety position is still a need.  Other than Kevin Byard, the best safety in the game *cough cough Deion Sanders cough cough*, they don’t have a safety on the other side that they can depend on.  Jonathon Cyprien was underwhelming last season, and that’s being polite. They need another guy on the opposite side of Byard to really solidify the secondary.





One thought on “What are the Biggest Holes in the Titans Roster?

  • March 21, 2018 at 8:42 pm

    I disagree on WR and would add NT. We haven’t had a good NT since we switched to the 3-4 front.


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