Top 10 (Non-Media) Twitter Accounts to Follow if You’re a Titans Fan

As a guy who’s tried to put my stamp on Titans Twitter,  I spend a lot of time reading Titans related tweets from as many accounts as I can find that I think are worth following.  I follow around 500 accounts, and that number fluctuates, but these 10 accounts are ones that I look forward to seeing what they have to say when I see their names.

Titans of the Southwest

Their podcast is absolutely outstanding.  They have some great Titans related guests on and do a great job asking questions and are just really likable dudes.  Lito and Big Mo are positive fans with great personalities.  They’re worth following just for their podcast updates.

Mike Miracles

Mike writes for Music City Miracles and is a very level-headed fan.  You can always count on him to give his honest opinion on a subject in a respectful manner.  His tweets are smart, original, and usually informative.  Definitely worth a follow.

Matt Neely

Matt is hilarious.  He runs a podcast with the guys of RPO and they seem to have a lot of fun doing it.  There is not much analysis here, but if you need a Titans-related laugh.  He’s your go-to man.


I have no idea what Bryce’s last name is, but he’s hilarious when it comes to the Titans.  He’s definitely going to tell you how he feels, too.  He doesn’t hold back.  Follow the self-proclaimed “leader of Titans twitter”.  He’s pretty good at it.

Big Mo

Big Mo is part of the Titans of the Southwest duo.  He runs his own Twitter account while Lito runs the other one.  Big Mo seems like a great guy, and he does a great job with his Titans takes.  He seems like a jolly fella, with his head and heart in the right place.  Hard to beat that.

Titans Film Room

If you want Titans film discussion, this is your man.  He does an amazing job breaking down film and has great threads where he chooses a position or player and goes through step by step to really understand how players are performing.  He’s a must-follow for Titans fans.

Titans Tube

These dudes are hilarious.  They talk Titans on their own YouTube channel and really heat up during the season.  They also have a great video with Paul Kuharsky on their feed.  Follow them for good, light-hearted tweets and updates about episodes!

Football and Other F Words

These guys are very new, but they seem great so far.  Hopefully, they keep it up.  Their podcast is informing and entertaining and their tweet feed is just the same.  More to learn when the season starts up, but they’re off to a great start!

Hang TN

Whoever runs this account is fantastic.  You won’t get any good analysis about the Titans, but they sell amazing gear.  Every game they give fans a chance to win a T-Shirt if you guess Mariota’s exact yardage.  I’ll probably never catch them in the T-Shirt department, but I’m going to try!

Two Tone Fanatics 

Shameless plug here, because I run this site.  My twitter account is a little of each one I mentioned above.  I try to be funny and original with my Titans takes, but I take pride in my knowledge of the team both past and present.  I’ve been a fan for 20 years and counting!

Go give all of these guys a follow.  They do an outstanding job!

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