Tom Brady? The Pros and Cons of Signing the GOAT

Titans Twitter has been wild with hot takes after the news came from Jeff Darlington and Adam Schefter that the Titans are considered the favorites (right now) to sign upcoming free-agent quarterback Tom Brady when the signing period opens in March.

It puts Jon Robinson and the Titans’ front office in quite the dilemma indeed.  Despite the sensationalism for either side of the situation by fans, it’s no easy decision and will surely be one that is seriously considered and pondered.  Since I heard the news, I’ve been firmly on the side of “sign the GOAT” because, I mean, he’s the greatest quarterback of all time in many people’s opinion, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t concerns. I’ve tried to lay out some of the biggest pros and cons here.

Pro- He’s the GOAT

Derrick Henry said it best on Bussin’ with the Boys earlier this week.  He started by defending Tannehill by saying “What’s wrong with Ryan?” when the boys asked him the question about the Titans signing Brady, but later in the podcast he clarified by saying “Don’t get me wrong, Brady is the GOAT”

He’s the greatest quarterback of all time.  It’s impossible not to consider him, even given his age.  I watched some highlights of his 2019 season this morning and he can still sling it.  His accuracy is ridiculous. He has the tools and he knows the path to a Lombardi trophy.

Con- He’s Old

Father time is undefeated.

No one knows when Brady will play his last snap at this point, but it’s probably coming sooner than later.  The team that signs him will hope for two good years, but I’d guess they’re only guaranteed one, and that’s if he’s not plagued with injuries.  He’s definitely slowing down, but a slowed-down Tom Brady is still pretty damn good.

Pro- Immediate Super Bowl Contenders

Vegas will not sleep on the Titans if they were to sign Brady.  He’s going to want to win one wherever he goes.  The chip on his shoulder will be massive, and I’d love to be on the right side of that.

The Titans will likely be contenders next year regardless of who’s at QB, Tannehill or Brady, but Brady has been there, done that. He’s only a year removed from his last Super Bowl win. He knows the path. He’s got one or two runs in him and you never bet against Tom Brady.

Con- Long Term Consequences

If the Titans decide to go with Brady, they’ll be put in a situation where they have to pick a quarterback in the top round or two in the draft this year. With Tannehill at QB, I think it would still be wise to draft a quarterback soon, but it doesn’t have to be in 2020.

Luckily, the roster is structured with enough draft hits by Jon Robinson that whichever route they choose, they’ll still be in good shape if their next quarterback fizzles out.

Pro- Unbelievable Ball Placement

I hinted at it earlier, but even in 2019, Tom Brady was making throws that half of the league’s QBs only dream of throwing.  His back-shoulder throw is a thing of beauty.  He rarely misses because of inaccuracy.  His arm strength isn’t what it once was, but it’s surely better than Peyton Manning’s in his final year with Denver when their defense carried them to a championship.

Con- Stat Dropoff

Even though he made plenty of beautiful throws, There is no question that his numbers were down this year.  People are quick to blame his supporting cast, and there is surely a case there, but he has to take some of that on his shoulders as well.  We’ve seen Brady throw to scrubs for years now and have never given him that excuse before.

Pro- Ticket Sales

Let’s not pretend the business side of things doesn’t matter, especially after the Titans hiked ticket prices this year.

Con- Too Much Control?

How much of the offense will Brady want to own? The Titans just started getting things rolling under Arthur Smith last year and the offense has a very unique build to it, relying heavily on Derrick Henry and play action.  I don’t know that I want Tom Brady running around on boot legs often and I’m sure he doesn’t want that either.  What will he want to change? Will the players be able to adapt?

These are all things to consider on both sides of the coin.  I don’t think there’s an easy answer here.  I do know one thing.  It’s going to be fun watching it play out.  And remember, no matter who’s under center in 2020, TITAN UP FOREVER.

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