What are the Titans Playoff Qualities?

As the wins stack up, the Titans playoff chances are growing.  With that come questions.  Where will they be seeded? Can they finish strong enough to actually make it? Will they have a home playoff game?  And the most important question, how far can they go?  A lot of that will be determined by how well they play down the stretch, but I think the Titans have three pillar qualities that will bode well for them if and when they get in the postseason.

Good Leadership

When the playoffs roll around and it’s time to take it up a notch, good leadership plays a critical roll.  Here is a video of Delanie Walker answering a question from Cory Curtis about his play after the game:

This is exactly what fans should want to hear from their leaders.  Listening to Logan Ryan on the Midday 180 throughout the season has made me realize how quickly he became a leader for this team.  His contributions are pivitol because he knows how to win in the playoffs because he did it with the Patriots before the Titans.  The Titans are filled with good, even keeled leaders who provide good perspective.  That gives them an edge over a team like the Jaguars.

Late-Game Performance

This team has been spectacular in the final minutes of games this season.  While he hasn’t had his best year statistically, Marcus Mariota has been great in the clutch and has led the Titans on four game-winning drives this season.   They have a belief that can win any game they play, no matter what the score is.  They’ll need that confidence and attitude if they’re fortunate enough to play in January.  When the weather gets colder, games tend to be closer.  Coming out on the right side of them is important.

Consistant Overall Defense

Opponents have scored 20 points or less seven times against the Titans this season.  Overall, they have been a good “bend-but-don’t-break” defense.

Are things that can be improved defensively? Absolutely.  The most encouraging sign, though, is that there is no clear hole.  In the past, the defense has been plagued by having a terrible secondary.  This year, the secondary is much improved and is about on par with the pass rush.  The rush has dropped off a bit, but they’re playing consistent enough to hold up in the post-season.

Only time will tell how good these Titans will do if they make it to January, but these three pillars give them a chance.

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