Titans Fans: Your NFL Week 15 Rooting Guide

The Titans are in a good position right now to get in the playoffs, but with games against the 49ers, Rams, and Jaguars coming, there is not guarantee. It’s definitely that time of year where fans need to be paying attention to other games around the league.  Here is what Titans fans should be rooting for in week 15.

LA Chargers @ KC Chiefs

I don’t think the Titans will have to worry about losing their wildcard spot to an AFC West team, because the loser of this game will have seven losses and be two games behind the Titans, but I think the Chiefs winning here is the play.  If the Titans don’t win the division and end up with a wild card, the last thing they’d want to do is go to LA while the Chargers are white hot.

The Pick: The Chiefs

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars

This one is obvious, but if the Titans can find a way to beat the 49ers on Sunday and the Texans beat the Jaguars, no matter what happens the following week, the Titans will be playing the Jags for the division in week 17.  It’s not a likely outcome, but it’s certainly possible.  If you think the Texans are going to roll over for the Jags, I think you’re badly mistaken.  I expect a close game.

The Pick: The Texans

Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns

The Browns have been soooooo close to winning games recently, and they just can’t get over that hump.  I personally don’t think they’re bad enough to go 0-16, but we’ll see.  It would be awesome if they could pull out a miracle and drive the Ravens back even further, even though the Titans do have the tie-breaker over the Ravens should it come to that.

The Pick: The Browns

Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills

This one is a bit difficult because they’re both still in the race.  The Bill are 7-6 and the Dolphins are 6-7.  On one hand, I want the Bills to lose to put them two games back from the Titans in the wild card, but if somehow Jay Cutler stays hot after that win against the Patriots, if they keep wining and the Titans keep losing, the Dolphins hold that tie-breaker.  That being said…

The Pick: The Dolphins

Dallas Cowboys @ Oakland Raiders

I believe the Raiders all but sealed their fate last weekend with their awful loss, but it wouldn’t hurt for them to go ahead and lose one more.  They need to be completely out of the picture because they own a tie-breaker with the Titans.  

The Pick: The Cowboys

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