The Titans 2016 Wide Receiver Group Was Better than the Current 2017 Version

One of the biggest upgrades this off season was supposed to be at the wide receiver position.  Jon Robinson went out and drafted two guys at the position and signed Eric Decker in free agency.  Titans fans thought this would be the step forward to create a more dynamic offense.  Instead, it’s caused the Titans to take a step back.  Before Corey Davis came back from injury earlier this year, the coaching staff told us all to wait until he got back.  He was the missing piece to creating explosive plays downfield.  It’s been quite the contrary, though.  Davis hasn’t been good (most wide receivers aren’t in their first year), and the production from Taywan Taylor and Eric Decker has been below expectations as well.

There are a lot of spots where blame can be placed for the Titans meltdown in Arizona, but this is one that’s being overlooked by a lot of people, and shouldn’t be.  Let’s take a look at some of the numbers from 2016 to 2017.

Obviously 2017 is not over yet, so these numbers may change a bit, but with only three games to go, the numbers aren’t very different, and Kendall Wright nearly double the yardage of Corey Davis is almost the same amount of catches.  That’s the most telling stat of the bunch, IMO.  Davis was supposed to be a deep threat for this team, but I’ve seen him get no separation when called upon.  What’s worse is that they’re throwing the ball to him.  He’s getting opportunities and he’s just not winning a lot of battles.  Davis has 25 catches on 49 targets.  Not only did Wright have almost double the yardage in 2016, but he also had 4 more catches on 7 less throws.

Kendall Wright, who was barely part of the offense last year, was nearly twice as productive as Corey Davis has been this year.  That’s an issue that needs to be addressed.  Rishard Matthews has also not had the season he needed to have.  I’d say his stats are well below what is expected of him.  That wide open dropped touchdown by him and a few wrong routes have hurt his numbers for sure. These wide receivers were supposed to be better this year.  Marcus needs them to be better in a year where he’s struggling.  The coaches need them to be better.  It’s not talked about nearly enough, and when digging through the numbers a bit, becomes much more concerning.

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