The Top Ten Titans of All-Time

Coming up with the top 10 Titans of All time isn’t easy.  Lots of names come to mind. The top five aren’t too hard, but it’s difficult to whittle the list down from 20 to 15 then 15 to 10.  I’m sure you may have even thought about it yourself.  After much consideration and thought, here are the top 10 Titans of all-time.

10. Jevon Kearse

Better known as “The Freak”, Jevon Kearse was widely known as the “missing piece” for the Titans to make their Super Bowl run in 1999.  He came on the scene strong in his rookie season and was a huge difference maker on the defensive line.  While he didn’t sustain his dominance for years and years, he undoubtedly deserves a spot on this list.  He also had a second run with team during their surprise 13-3 year in 2008.

9. Michael Roos

“ROOOOOOOS” was a staple on the Titans offensive line for years.  He was good, consistent, and the test of time.  He was a Titan for his entire career and was regarded as one of the best left tackles in the NFL during his prime.  He did it with class and will be forever remembered as a great Titan.

8. Albert Haynesworth

Big Al had his problems early in his career, but his dominance in 2008 alone earns him a spot on this list.  He was an absolute monster and nearly impossible to block.  Not only was he huge, but his athleticism was incredible for his size.  He played his way to a MASSIVE contract with Redskins after that 2008 season, but he left his heart in Tennessee and never really got back to his dominant play in Washington.

7. Frank Wycheck

A fan favorite for sure.  Wycheck is well-known for his time spent on 104.5 the zone as a radio guy and the color guy for Titans broadcasts for years, but his play shouldn’t be forgotten.  He had some of the surest hands this team has ever seen and was a staple for Steve McNair.  He was also faster than he looked, and had a savvy way of getting open which he never let us forget through his commentary.

6. Delanie Walker

It took him a while, but Delanie Walker has surpassed Frank Wycheck on the Titans all-time great tight ends list.  Delanie has been one of the best tight ends in the NFL for a few years straight and showed no signs of slowing down.  He’s one of the players that has been through the worst years this franchise has seen and has not only lived to see the fruits of his labor, but has played at a high level throughout.

5. Chris Johnson

CJ2K, the second best running back to put on Titans uniform.  Chris Johnson took the NFL by storm in his rookie season showing some of the best speed the league has ever seen.  He holds the fastest 40 yard dash time at the NFL combine and it didn’t change much when he put the pads on.  In 2009, he rushed for over 2,000 yards joining a handful of backs to ever reach that mark in NFL history.

4. Keith Bulluck

Bulluck, well-known for wearing red gloves on the field, is the greatest linebacker in Titans history and I’m not sure there is a close second.  He was a tackling machine and seemed to always show up big when it mattered most.  The week he proclaimed himself “Mr. Monday Night” he came up with three interceptions in a Monday night game against the Saints.  The first time that had ever been done, and it was a linebacker.  Bulluck also withstood the test of time, and was a really good linebacker for a really long time.

3. Bruce Matthews

Another offensive lineman, but that’s just fine because this one was a hall-of-famer.  He played with the Oilers and the Titans and had a really long and productive career.  He was one of the most reliable and consistent offensive linemen to ever play the game of football.  His coaching career didn’t quite work out, but as a player, he was an absolute monster.

2. Steve McNair

The next two on the list are the two names thought of most when discussing the history of the Tennessee Titans.  They could almost be 1A and 1B.  I put the late Steve McNair at number 2.  McNair’s career speaks for itself.  He was possibly the toughest quarterback to ever play.  He played hurt a ton and he played well when he was hurt.  His heart and his strength willed the Titans to more wins than his arm did.  He was tough as nails to take down and could throw it too.  RIP, Steve McNair.

1. Eddie George

“EDDIE, EDDIE, EDDIE”.  The greatest player chant to ever ring through Nissan Stadium (hopefully MARCUS, MARCUS, MARCUS beats it someday).  Eddie George was the Tennessee Titans in the early years.  His battles with Ray Lewis will live in the hearts of NFL fans forever.  With Eddie, it was all about will.  It was all about heart.  When the tough got going, Eddie George got tough.  He was everything any team would want in a running back and more.  I’d give anything to see one more game of vintage Eddie George.

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