The Six Types of Titans Fans: Which are You?

I think it’s fascinating to watch folks from all different backgrounds with all different experiences come together for a common cause.  That’s what fandom is.  We all have a common rooting interest, but often get there in entirely different ways.

I’ve attended a bunch of Titans games over the years.  I’ve met fans around town, and I’ve been able to interact with an even more diverse sect of fans via social media.  I’ve found that Titans fans can be categorized into several different sections.  Which do you fall into?

The Good Ol’ Boy

“Come on now boys, let’s hit somebody now. Let’s go now, lay the wood to em'”  This guy is everywhere in Nissan Stadium. You’ll find the good ol’ boy in just about any section.  Be aware of your surroundings and you’ll be able to spot one in the wild.  In real life he’s probably either a genuinely good dude or a try hard verbally abusive little league coach for his average son who won’t play past middle school.  Probably not much in between.

The Social Media Warrior

I find myself in a few of these categories, but this one is where I thrive.  This fan is addicted to Titans social media.  Whether it be Twitter, terrible facebook pages, or sweet Titans edits on Instagram, this person is all over it.  He retweets most Titans related things and fights with Jags fans in his free time.

The Pompous Asshole

I’m not going to name names, but we can all point to a few of these.  These guys are above the silliness of the internet and have opinions that they think should be held with the highest regard.  

The Casual

This fan got a Titans jersey from his grandma one Christmas and only wears it to “jersey day” at work or school, or when the Titans make the playoffs.

This fan has money and takes his family to games to “experience it” and leaves in the 3rd quarter.

This fan only knows Marcus Mariota and Derrick Henry. 

The Homer

Obviously every fan has a bit of homerism in them.  They want what’s best for their team.  But this fan is over the top.  According them, the Titans haven’t done anything wrong ever.  Even when they were turning out 2-14 and 3-13 record seasons.

This fan will defend the team to the end of the Earth, even when it’s not what’s best for the team.

This fan definitely thought Zach Mettenberger was the future.

The Good Ol’ Days Fan

“They’re alright, but they ain’t as good as Eddie George.” 

To this fan, there will never be a Titan as good as Eddie George, Steve McNair, Frank Wycheck, Blaine Bishop, or Jevon Kearse.

In the Frank Wycheck vs. Delanie Walker debate, this fan will always choose Frank, even though Delanie has probably passed him. (I LOVE Frank Wycheck by the way).

I appreciate this fans ability to remember the history, but sometimes what you have in front of you is just as good or better.

The Pessimist

Finally, we have the pessimist.  Unlike the homer, this fan thinks the team never does anything good or always has an excuse as why it could be better.

Go 9-7 after a combined record of 5-27 the two prior years? Fire someone because we didn’t make the playoffs.

Win a playoff game? Yea, but we didn’t win the division.

There is a place for this fan in our world.  They often bring us down to reality when our emotions have taken us to the moon; but sometimes they too are blinded by their pessimism, and can’t see what’s right in front of them.




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