Teams the Titans Don’t Want in the Wildcard Race

While we’d all much rather see the Titans win the division than enter the playoffs in a wildcard scenario, we must consider that a wild card birth is still a possibility. With that thought, I’ve compiled a list of teams that are most dangerous to the Titans in tie-breaker scenarios. We will definitely want to keep an eye on these teams moving forward. Rooting against them at every chance we gets.

Oakland Raiders (5-6)

The Raiders beat the Titans in week one.  The last thing we need is for them to play their way back into the discussion after being awful in the first half of the season.  The good news is that Michael Crabtree was suspended for one game for altercation last week with Talib.  The bad news is they are playing the New York Giants this week.  I don’t see how the Raiders can lose this one.  The good news is they still have to play the Chargers, Eagles, Cowboys, and Chiefs.  With that gauntlet of a schedule, if they’re in the playoff hunt at the end of the year, they surely deserve it.


Buffalo Bills (6-5)

The Bills and Titans haven’t played head-to-head, so the tie breaker would go right down to AFC record.  As of now, all four of the Titans losses have come against AFC opponents.  I’m not exactly sure where the Bills rank in that category, but it can’t get much worse than all of your losses being AFC losses.  I wish the Titans would trade and drop one to an NFC every now and then instead of dominating them all the time, but that’s just the way it works I guess.

Anyway, who knows what to expect from the Bills, with their quarterback situation and what-not.  They sure looked good at the beginning of the year, though.  We’ll see if they are for real or not down the stretch.

LA Chargers (5-6)

Similarly to the Bills, the Chargers and Titans didn’t play head-to-head. And also similarly, the next tie breaker would be AFC W/L record.  Unfortunately, I don’t like the Titans chances in any of that scenario with any team.

Others to note

Miami Dolphins (4-7)

I don’t think there is much reason for the Titans to worry about the Dolphin in the playoff race, but my goodness was that loss to them ugly.  If they were to to somehow reel off a few wins and the Titans lose a few, they’d have the head-to-head tie breaker.  I wouldn’t be too worried, but it’s not a team that we want to have in the hunt.

Baltimore Ravens (6-5)

While the Titans do hold the tie-breaker against the Ravens, they seemed to have turned it on late.  The Ravens would have to have an outright better record than the Titans to get the final slot, unless there was a three-team tie.  If that happens, expect a lot of three way tie breakers in which I have no clue where they will go.  Either way, it would hurt to root against the Ravens.


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