Same Old Titans? Not with a Win Against the Colts

Over the past three years, the Titans have given fans a roller coaster of emotions.  There have been big wins.  Really big wins.   But there have also been terrible, unforgetable losses.

One of the unfortunate trademarks of the 9-7 teams over the last three years is their inability to be consistent.  Last year they won big games against the Eagles and Patriots and went on in the weeks that followed to lose to the Bills and Colts in games that seemed to be setup to torpedo the Titans into the upper tier of the league.

This week’s challenge is no different. 

The Team is coming off of a massive win against the Browns and have a chance to take that moementum to the next level.  A win this week would prove to fans that the same old Titans are no more.  This team is for real and ready for the show.

Eddie George had something similar to say to the team yesterday.

With the jersey retirements of Eddie George and Steve McNair on Sunday, the Titans have a chance to grabe a special win and totally changed the way they are viewed not only nationally, but by their own fan base.

Show up and show out on Sunday, Titans fans.  It’s rare that a team has an opportunity like this on such a special day.  Go honor Steve McNair and Eddie George and watch our boys get a win against the Colts!


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