Nashville Hosting the NFL Draft in 2019 Shows Positive Relationship Between League and Amy Adams Strunk

After being floated around the internet for a while now (thanks, Matt Neely), Nashville has finally been officially appointed to host the NFL draft in 2019.  A major selling point to the league was the jersey unveiling that took place last month on Broadway.  The Titans brought out a bunch of alumni and provided the fans with a free concert from Florida-Georgia Line (A band which no one seems to love, but also received a bunch of the credit for the amount of people that showed up to the uniform unveiling, hmmmm).  After seeing exactly what Nashville had to offer, the league jumped at the opportunity to cash in on one of the hottest cities in America.

While the relationship between the owner of the franchise and the leagues decision to put the draft in Nashville may not have a complete cause and effect relationship, it surely played a part in discussions.  Since 2014, the Titans have been rumored to be a franchise for sale,  they’ve gone through the stabilization process of going from owner’s Bud Adams, to Tommy Smith, to now Amy Adams Strunk, and have cycled through 3 head coaches.  The rumors of the team being for sale still haven’t gone away, even though it’s been three years and the Titans refute the claim.  The team has needed some stability in the worst way, and they have finally found it in Amy Adams Strunk.

The biggest issue Strunk has faced with the league is the way the ownership is split between her and her siblings (1/3).  There is no one person that owns the majority of the team.  While Amy is the controlling owner, she has no more monetary ownership than the rest of the group.  It’s unclear on where the league stands on the issue now, but it is clear that her relationship with the league and with the other owners has bloomed.  She’s on the hall-of-fame committee and says she’s much more comfortable at owner’s meetings.  She took it slow, learning the ropes like a cowboy who’s never ridden a horse in his life.

When she very first took over the job, Strunk had more than just relationships with the league to deal with.  She inherited a franchise that was limping around in NFL purgatory.  Not knowing the direction it was heading or what the goals were.  Here’s a list of some of the improvements she’s made since taking over:

New Uniforms
Stadium Upgrades
Locker Room and Facility Upgrades
General Manager Hire (Which has dominoed into many other hires and changes)
Organizational Structure
Public Relations Upgrades
Social Media Personnel Upgrades

While all of those things don’t seem to have any correlation with her relationship with other owners and other league officials, I have no doubt that they are seeing the work she is putting in and are taking note.  They see the upgrades and the care she puts into the franchise, and I don’t know that they ever thought they’d see that from Mrs. Strunk.   Maybe they thought it was just a money grab for her, or the team would be up for sale within a year of her taking over.

Regardless of their views then, she’s done work that should be respected.  She’s working her way into the inner circle of NFL owners by just showing up and doing her best job.  She may not be perfect, but I think the league and owners see how much she cares, and I don’t think they would have awarded the city of Nashville the NFL draft if it were any other way.  She’s doing an awesome job, and this deserves to be the next thing on her resume’.


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