I’m Just Sitting Right Here Thinking About Kickers

It’s August.

It’s August and I’m nervous about the Titans kicker situation.

I don’t want to be nervous about the Titans kicker situation in August.

I don’t want to be nervous about the Titans kicker situation ever again.

Last year was an absolute disaster at the position and easily cost the Titans a couple of wins.  Greg Joseph came in late and mostly steadied the ship, but it’s still unproven if he can continue the mild success he experienced. He deserves to be at camp.  He deserves to compete for the job, but he needs someone to compete with.

A couple of names have been floated around but nothing seems imminent as of now.  Former Patriots Kicker Stephen Gostkowski and even former Titans kicker Ryan Succop have both been at least rumored for the job, but it’s August, and neither one has signed.  Free agent signings had mostly halted due to teams not being able to clear players medically, but that has resumed since players returned for camp.

The (non-existent as of now) kicking competition should have been high on the priorities of the Titans. Have they learned from their mistakes of last year? Jon Robinson has historically done a phenomenal job of admitting mistakes and working to fix them, but this is one that still baffles me.  Get guys in camp to kick the ball.  Let them show you what they have before committing to them mid-season.  It’s a position that can’t be neglected this year.

It’s time to bring someone to compete with Greg Joseph.


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