Gambling Locks of the Week

Last week’s picks went 2-3 once more.  If I’m going to gain the trust of you guys in this segment, I’m going to have to do better.  That starts this week.  Here are the five locks of the week.

Bears @ Lions -6

The Lions are better than they’ve played over the last few weeks, and I think the Bears are bit worse.  If the powers that be balance out, the Lions should cover this nicely and win by a touchdown or more.

Bengals +11 @ Vikings

The Bengals aren’t great, but they were in the playoff race for a while this season.  I really like how the Vikings are playing, but I don’t see how the Bengals don’t at least keep this within 10 points.  Take the Bengals +11 if you can get it.

Texans +11.5 @ Jaguars

This is a divisional game, and the Texans know how to make divisional games ugly.  I like the Jags to win, but at some point, I think they’ll hit a snag similar to what the Titans hit in Jacksonville last season.  I maintain that they’ll lose a game they shouldn’t, and this could be it.

Rams @ Seahawks -1.5

The Seahawks are coming off of a rough loss in Jacksonville.  The Rams just completed a shootout with the Eagles.  Both emotional games in different ways.  I think the Seahawks will bounce back, as they usually do this week at home.  After the fiasco last week in Jacksonville with the fans, there’s no doubt the 12th man will be there Sunday.

Titans +2 @ 49ers

The Titans are coming off their worst loss of the season and the 49ers their best win.  I see where these two teams are trending in opposite directions, but I’m not getting caught in recency bias.  Also, Jimmy G is playing well, yes, but he’s never seen a Dick Lebeau defense before.  That will be interesting.


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