About TTF

Hey Titans fans,

I’m Trey. Founder of Two Tone Fanatics. I’ve been a Titans fan since 1999. I was in third grade then. I haven’t missed a game either in person, on TV, or on the radio in that entire time. I streamed the 2014 Jags game (one of our only two wins) from my hotel room on my honeymoon in Mexico. To me, it just means more. I consume Titans content every day of the week. I’m a big consumer of local radio and love talking Titans with just about anyone who will listen.

Here you’ll find lots of Titans content, along with whatever else I want to write about in the sports world. That’s the beauty of starting this site. I can write about whatever I want. I’ve written for profootballspot.com, Titansized.com, and rantsports.com along the way. After doing that and experimenting with sundaysinnashville.com, I realized the best way to write about sports is on your own. I hope you enjoy my takes.

My twitter handle is a must-follow for Titans fans.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, drop them in the contact page.