A Bandwagoners Guide to the Tennessee Titans

So you’re intrigued about the football team in Nashville?

Maybe your team has been down and out for a while or just got knocked out of the playoffs. Maybe you don’t watch much football, but your friends and family won’t stop talking about the Titans.  Maybe you’re just a bandwagon professional;  jumping from team to team each year with no regard for anything except excitement.

You’ve picked a fun team to latch onto.  It’s been a wild ride for the Tennessee Titans this year.  We’ve had twists and turns and plenty of drama, both on the field and within the fan base.  Let’s get you caught up on what the Titans are all about so when you’re at a watch party this weekend, you sound like you’ve been a fan for decades.

Owner: Amy Adams Strunk.  You love her.  She’s been amazing for the team since she took over in 2015 and really helped turn things around from the dark ages.  You refer to her as Ms. Amy.  When in doubt, talk about Ms. Amy and how awesome she is.

General Manager: Jon Robinson.  You call him J-Rob.  J-Rob is sneakily the best GM in the league and you think he deserves to be executive of the year, but the nation hates the Titans so there’s no way he’ll get the credit he deserves.

Head Coach: Mike Vrabel.  “Do y’all think Vrabs has already cut his penis off?” Best conversation starter regarding the HC for sure.  Your friends will be impressed.  maybe you weren’t sure if Vrabel was the guy early, but he’s won you over by this point.  You got over some of his in-game decision and have hopped on the Vrabs train.

Some Players of Note:

RB Derrick Henry:  El tractorcito, the king, the beast, choose your nickname.  You want a statue of Derrick Henry built in front of the stadium at this point.  He’s probably your favorite player on the roster.  Make sure to mention how happy you are that he wasn’t run into the ground early in his career because he shared time with Demarco Murray.

QB Ryan Tannehill:  (Choose your own path)

Option A. You weren’t sure about him early, and it may have taken time for him to win you over if you were a big Mariota fan, but his magic finally got to you. “He’s not the same guy from Miami” you tell your friends.  He’s come in and helped transform the offense and you can’t deny it anymore.  You refer to him as Tannethrill.

Option B. You embraced him from the jump. You were so thirsty for a QB change that he was the guy as soon as (or before) he took over.  You’ve been thrilled with his performance and are ready for him to lead the team in the future. You also refer to him as Tannethrill.

WR AJ Brown: You absolutely think AJ is rookie of the year, no matter what the analysts say.  “It’s been years since the Titans have had a true number 1 wide receiver,” you tell your friends.  You want the Titans to call some plays for him for sure.

OL Taylor Lewan: You love his podcast and his personality, but you were angry with him earlier in the year for all of his penalties.  You’re really happy he’s cut down on the penalties and is just playing football, and you’re also excited to hear Bussin’ with the Boys in the offseason.

S Kevin Byard:  He’s the mayor of Murfreesboro.  You think he’s one of J-Robs best draft picks and wish Deion Sanders would give him the credit he deserves.  “We need a KB interception here.” You’ll say as you nervously chew your hot sauce stained fingernails.

DL Jurrell Casey: He’s one of a handful of players that truly deserves this run the Titans are having right now.  You’re so happy he’s finally playing on a good football team after all the losing he endured early in his career in Tennessee.  Say something about 99 problems when he gets a sack or tackle for loss.

S Kenny Vaccaro: “He’s one of J-Robs best free agent signings.” you say after he makes a tackle.  You argue that he and Byard are the best safety tandem in the league and love the passion that he plays with.  You’re excited that the Titans have them both locked up for the next few years.

Brett Kern:  Brett Kern is MVPunter.  According to you, he’s the best player in the NFL and you’d defend him if he slapped his mother.  He can do no wrong.  Kern also deserves the success the Titans are experiencing.  He’s been around since 2009.

Marcus Mariota:  He’s a great guy and you wish he would have worked in Tennessee.  When he enters the game you say, “Marcus is in!” You say you’ll root for him from afar wherever he goes next season and talk about your appreciation for what he did for the franchise.

Some other nuggets to note:

-This is the first time the Titans have been to the AFCCG since the 2002 season.

-You’re really happy for all the former players who are getting to enjoy this run.

-The Titans finished 9-7 for the fourth year straight, but have three playoff wins in the last three years.

-Follow some folks on Titans Twitter and you’ll find the community pretty quickly.  It’s much better than the Facebook communities!

-Most of us are very welcoming so if you decide you want to stick around, you’ll have a blast.  We’re active online year-round and always have good content coming from somewhere.

-If you live close, come to some games next year.  It’s a fun and fairly easy Sunday afternoon.

-Titan Up!




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